How To Put On A Surfboard Traction Pad

If your board needs a better grip, then learning how to put on a surfboard traction pad is something you may want to look into. Traction pads provide easier manipulation of the board when performing turns and other maneuvers. This is a good do-it-yourself project for those who want to customize the placement of the traction pads on their board. The instructions below explain how easy it can be to put a traction pad on a surfboard.

To put a traction pad on a surfboard, you will need:

  • A surfboard
  • Board-cleaning supplies
  • Surfboard traction pads
  1. Remove the pads from their package. Take the traction pad pieces out of their packaging. Survey all pieces, paying close attention to their dimensions.
  2. Pre-position the traction pad pieces. Practice arranging the pads in the correct positioning on your board. Putting traction pads on your surfboard includes selecting the best location for each foot. A pencil can be used to trace locations during pre-positioning.
  3. Prep the surfboard. Thoroughly cleaning the board is the next step in putting on the traction pads. A clean surfboard provides a good surface for the application of the traction pad.
  4. Peel and apply. Peel the backing off the footing material. Apply the traction pads to the surfboard in the areas that you decided on in step two. You did it; the hard part is over!
  5. Wait. Completing the process of putting the traction pads on your surfboard includes waiting a full day before using the surfboard.
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