How To Put Swarovski Crystal On A Watch

Add some bling to your favorite timepiece by learning how to put Swarovski crystal on a watch. Swarovski crystals are the hottest items in do-it-yourself fashion right now; these tiny little glue-on crystals have become a 21st century version of the “Bedazzler” that we all loved or loathed (depending on who you ask) in the '80s. You can find Swarovski crystals on everything from iPods to cell phones to watches, or any other kind of hard surface that you can attach glue to. Learning how to glue Swarovski crystals on a watch is an easy way to take your boring old watch and transform it into something that looks like it belongs on the wrist of a rap mogul. And even if you can’t find a reason to glue Swarovski crystals on a watch of your own, you can use the same techniques to glue Swarovski crystals on MP3 players, cell phones and toys, to the delight of anyone in your world who needs a little bling in his life.

To glue Swarovski crystals to a watch, you will need:

  • Swarovski crystals
  • Gem glue
  • A watch
  • A paper plate
  • Cotton swabs
  1. Decide where you want to put the Swarovski crystals. The hardest part of gluing Swarovski crystals on a watch is deciding where you want to put the crystals, but it’s also the most fun. Use your imagination; put your crystals anywhere on your watch that doesn't obscure the time. The most common places to use Swarovski crystals on a watch are on the watch band or around the face of the watch. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to put your crystals, look online for patterns and designs you can use.
  2. Sort out your Swarovski crystals. The best way to sort your Swarovski crystals is to take out only the amount of crystals that you’re going to need out of each packet that you plan on using. Only taking out the crystals that you’re going to need will help ensure that you don’t loose any while you’re working. Sorting out your crystals first also gives you a chance to lay out your design before you glue the Swarovski crystals to your watch. Remember, gluing Swarovski crystals on a watch can be fun, but once you get them on your watch there’s no going back. That's why it’s important to lay out your design before you start gluing.
  3. Break out the glue. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto a paper plate. Putting a small amount of glue on a paper plate well keep you from using too much glue on your Swarovski crystals and limit the amount of mess you make while you're gluing the crystals to your watch.
  4. Apply the glue with a cotton swab. The trick is making sure that you use just the right amount of glue. If you use too much glue, the glue will come out of the sides of your crystals when you put them on your watch. If you don’t use enough glue, the crystals on your watch will fall off. That’s where the cotton swabs come into play. Dip the tip of the cotton swab into the glue on the paper plate. Then, rub the glue on the back of the Swarovski crystal that you want to use. Once you have applied enough clue, put the crystal in position on the watch. Keep going until you have all of the Swarovski crystals where you want them.
  5. Let it dry. After you have all of the Swarovski crystals on your watch where you want them, let your watch dry in cool, dry place. Once the glue is dry, you can rock your new watch.



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