How To Put Themes On The Nokia 5800

You might know how to do just about everything with a cell phone, except how to put themes on the Nokia 5800. Themes are files that allow you to change the interface’s appearance to a more aesthetically pleasing one. Sometimes, figuring out how to download and put themes on the Nokia 5800 can be comparable to figuring out a Rubick's Cube. But with these instructions, you’ll be ready to download as many themes as you want without any hassle.

  1. Begin by searching for themes online either from your phone or by computer. Be sure to search for themes that are made specifically for the Nokia 5800 or are at least compatible with it. Downloading themes that aren’t designed particularly with this model in mind will not load or function properly.
  2. After you’ve found your chosen theme, transfer it to your phone. If you’re downloading from your phone, you can simply download the theme and it will be available on your phone. If you’re downloading by computer, you can usually download in one of two ways. You can either download the files to your computer and transfer them to your phone by USB connection. Or you can enter your phone number on the theme website and it will send a download link directly to your phone via text message.
  3. So, now you’ve got this file on your phone and you have no idea what to do with it. Theme files made for the Nokia 5800 typically end in a file extension, “.SIS”. This file is essentially an application that will execute the theme and install it correctly itself. Navigate to the theme file on your phone, and simply tap it to begin the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions, and the phone will begin installing.
  4. Now that your theme is installed, it’s time to change your current theme to your new one. To do this, you’ll simply just navigate to the menu by pressing the white menu button. You’ll want to navigate to these locations: Settings > Personal > Themes > General. Now that you’re here, you’ll see a list of all of the themes that are installed on your phone. You can either tap it once to preview it, or you can tap twice to actually activate it as your current theme.

Enjoy your new theme!

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