How To Put Together A Work Wardrobe

Need to know how to put together a work wardrobe? A closet full of clothes is not needed to look professional, sophisticated and somewhat intelligent when putting together a work wardrobe. Instead, it is imperative to build a foundation on which you can build a work wardrobe that will last you for many seasons to come. Stick with neutral and classic colors when you start to put together a work wardrobe, and then add more trend-forward pieces if you desire.

To put together a work wardrobe, you will need:

  • Black suit pants
  • Tailored fit dress shirts
  • Classic chino pants
  • A three-button suit jacket
  • Black leather loafers
  1. Find a pair of black suit pants. This will probably be the most versatile piece of clothing in your work wardrobe, and it easily transitions from day to night. Italian wool black suit pants are really great if you need to go on business trips; the material can work for both social meetings as well as a normal day in the office.
  2. Get a tailored fit dress shirt in a fair blue tone. White is a great option, but it can easily get stained and look dingy very quick if not taken care of properly. Blue is a classic color, and a blue-toned tailored fit dress shirt can be paired with a wide range of pieces. It’s recommended to get your dress shirts tailored to fit you perfectly. Nothing looks tackier then an ill-fitted dress shirt. Buy four or five dress shirts in neutral colors.
  3. Look for classic chino pants. These pants are a must when putting together a work wardrobe. They should not sit too low on the waist or be too loose. Perfect for casual Fridays, these can be paired with sweaters, shirts and blazers.
  4. Get a three-button suit jacket. Longer black blazers look very good on taller men, but most men look good with a three-button suit jacket. This is another item that should be tailor-fitted when you are putting together a work wardrobe. Opt for a jacket that is wool and can be worn through all seasons.
  5. Buy a classic pair of black leather loafers. Choose natural leather and stay away from the patent leather when putting together a work wardrobe. Patent leather is more appropriate for a night out with the boys.
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