How To Put Trucks On A Skateboard

Learn how to put trucks on a skateboard to build your own board. Replacing or installing new trucks is a simple task to do no matter what age you are. Do it yourself and save on having to hire someone to do it for you.

If you want to put trucks on a skateboard, you will need:

  • Trucks
  • Hardware (8 nuts, 8 bolts)
  • Allan Wrench
  • Skate tool or wrench set
  • Phillips head screwdriver or power drill
  • Skateboard
  1. Lay the board on a flat surface. Find a spot free of clutter and lay the board front side up on a flat surface. Having a clear workspace is important for how to put trucks on a skateboard.
  2. Place the tools on the flat surface. Decide upon the trucks and hardware needed for the skateboard. Place the tools and hardware upon the flat surface next to the skateboard. There are different manufacturers to choose from for hardware and trucks. Be sure to read reviews to learn which ones supply you with the functions you need for how to put trucks on a skateboard.
  3. Push out the grip tape with the Allan wrench. Take the Allan wrench and punch out the grip tape through the holes in the skateboard. Make sure the Allan wrench fits through the holes and apply enough pressure needed to punch out the grip tape when applying how to put trucks on a skateboard.
  4. Push the bolts through the holes. Keep the skateboard front side up and push the bolts through the holes where the grip tape punched out. Place the bolts through four holes at a time. Make sure to place the bolts in the holes with the flat side facing toward the front.
  5. Place your hand over the bolts’ tops. Support the bolts from falling out by placing the palm of your hand over the tops of the bolts. Flip the board over onto the backside to continue with how to put trucks on a skateboard.
  6. Place the truck on top of the bolts. Wiggle the truck onto the top of the bolts until flat on the board.
  7. Screw the nuts onto the bolts. Start screwing the nuts onto the bolts on the backside of the skateboard. Make sure the nuts threaded correctly onto the bolts if you do not have to force them to screw onto the bolt.
  8. Tighten the nuts. Use the skate tool or wrench to tighten the nuts onto the board on the backside while using the power drill or Phillips head screwdriver on the front side of the board.
  9. Go back to Step 4. Repeat with the next truck on the skateboard for how to put trucks on a skateboard.
Tips: Make sure you have the correct size Allan wrench, wrench set, and Phillips head bit for the power drill before starting to put trucks on a skateboard.
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