How To Put On Tuxedo Studs

Do you want to learn how to put on tuxedo studs? Tuxedo studs provide an elegant touch to formal wear. Tuxedo studs come in a wide array of colors and styles, such as gold and silver. There are studs with rhinestones and crystals, studs with team mascots, and even studs with sports logos. You can even make your own tuxedo studs. They are easy to put on, too. Once you put of your very first set of tuxedo studs, it will become as natural to you as brushing your teeth!

In order to put on tuxedo studs, you will need:

  • Tuxedo shirt

  • Tuxedo studs

  •  Tuxedo jacket and pants

  1. Select your studs first. It is a good idea to select your tuxedo studs before picking a shirt. Once you have the studs, you can bring them along with you when shopping for a shirt. Since you want the focus to be on your studs, choose a jacket and pants that don't distract from the look.

  2. It is easiest to begin with a shirt already equipped with a set of tuxedo holes, these are known as convertible front tuxedo shirts. If you have this type of shirt, you will see that there are two sets of holes. The inward holes are for the tuxedo studs.

  3. Determine your stud type. If you are using mushroom-shaped studs you are going to push the base of the stud through the holes in the shirt front. Begin from the outside in as you would with a button. If your studs are T-shaped pipestem, squeeze spring-loaded cross bar while pushing the larger end through the hole. Release.

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