How To Put Videos On iPhone 3g

Learning how to put videos on an iPhone 3G can be an exciting and frustrating experience, but it shouldn't be too difficult. As technology advances, electronics become harder to figure out and the more you fall behind on technology, the harder it gets. Figuring how to put videos on an iPhone 3G can be one of those things that is  difficult to figure out. You're in luck because here's a list of steps that will help you put videos on your iPhone 3G without the hassle.

Things you'll need:

  • iPhone 3G
  • Computer with iTunes
  1. Connect your iPhone 3G to your computer. Once you've connect your iPhone, iTunes should pop up. If you do not have iTunes installed, install it before going onto the next step. ITunes can be installed by connecting your iPhone to your computer and clicking the pop up that asks you to install iTunes.
  2. Buy a video from iTunes. Once you have installed iTunes on your computer, purchase videos of your choice. ITunes accepts gift cards and credit cards. You can purchase anything from a music video to a full length movie. The video will be stored on your iTunes account and will automatically sync to your iPhone 3G since it is connected into your computer.
  3. Use your iPhone 3G to download videos. You can put videos on your iPhone 3G buy using the iPhone itself. Go to iTunes, buy the video and it will automatically be put onto your iPhone.

Having an iPhone 3G makes it really easy to put videos on your phone and enjoy them within minutes. It's about time you put your iPhone 3G to use!

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