How To Quick Scope In Mw2

"Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2" has been one of the most successful games to date and learning how to quick scope in MW2 can give you the edge when competing online or even just playing offline. Many players have heard the term "quick scoping" before, but don't necessarily know what it is. Quick scoping is done with any sniper rifle and basically allows the player to actually use the sniper in closer situations rather than long range. When quick scoping, you bring up the zoom for a quick second and pull the trigger and fire almost immediately before the in game character even fully looks in the scope. Doing this allows the player to use the sniper's power without risking the accuracy when hip firing the rifle.

Things you will need to quick scope in MW2:

  • Xbox 360 or PS3 console
  • Copy of Modern Warfare 2
  • System Controller
  • Knowledge of controls for your system
  • Gaming skills
  1. Enter a game mode. Enter into the game mode you want to play. It does not matter whether you are competing online or playing offline in a campaign or co-op play.
  2. Choose your sniper class. In MW2, you should have classes and at least one should contain a sniper. If your classes do not have a sniper then simply make one.
  3. Switch to your sniper in game. While in the game, pull out your sniper rifle and get into placement on a target.
  4. Aim at your target. Find a target and get at a closer than normal distance you would normally be at for a sniper rifle. Put your cross hairs over your target without zooming in and be ready to attempt your quick scoping skills.
  5. "Quick scope" the target. Now use the button you have designated to zoom in with, while your hip fire cross hairs are still over the target. At almost the same time you zoom pull the trigger and the shot should be right where the original cross hairs were placed on the target. As soon as the shot is fired you should no longer be zoomed in and ready to quick scope again if needed.

Keep in mind that this skill will take some practice. All gaming skills require mastering the technique before being able to effectively use in game situations. Not all snipers will kill in the first shot so do not assume you have not quick scoped correctly. If you have hit your target without fully zooming in and holding the character's breath, then you have achieved this skill.

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