How To Quit A Job And Still Get Vacation Pay

If you have earned vacation time at your job, then chances are you don't want to leave without using it. There are a couple of ways you can quit a job and still get vacation pay–but they take planning, so be sure you are prepared.

  1. Schedule the time and then quit. Generally, if you schedule your vacation time and it is approved, and a few days later you turn in your notice, then you will be able to use the hours and receive vacation pay. Just make sure you are going to be present on your last day of work. An alternative plan would be to use the vacation pay and then turn in your notice when you get back from vacation.
  2. Quit with two weeks notice. If you give most employers at least two full weeks notice, they will write you a check for your unused vacation pay. This check will generally be sent with your last paycheck. You should review your employee manual before quitting to make sure that your company does not have a policy requiring a longer notice in order to get a check for unused vacation pay.
  3. Quit and then request time. This measure is a little more risky, but it can work. If you turn in your two week notice, you should technically still be able to get approved to use your stored vacation pay. Simply turn in your notice and then submit requests for time off. However, because the company and employees will be busy trying to find and train a replacement for you and determine who is going to handle which of your duties when you leave, there is a possibility that they may not approve your time. As long as you've given them notice, however, you should still get your check for unused time.
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