How To Quit A Job Gracefully

If you're planning on quitting your job, you're likely trying to figure out how to quit a job gracefully. Naysayers move over, because you surely can have an amicable parting with an employer. Read the guide below to help you quit your job with finesse.

  1. Give proper notice. As a rule of thumb, the minimum notice to quit a job is two week's notice. However, in order to quit a job gracefully, you may want to double or even triple that number. It's important to give your employer time to find a qualified replacement for your position. If not, it may leave a sour taste in your boss' mouth.
  2. Be upfront. Understandably, your employer will have questions as to why you're choosing to leave the company. Most, resignation letters are too formal to include an exact reason for leaving. Verbally tell your boss that you simply aren't content with the long commute, need more room for advancement or have chosen to take your career in a whole new direction. He will appreciate the honesty.
  3. Complete all major projects before leaving. Possibly the most important aspect of being able to quit a job gracefully is taking accountability for your current workload. Be sure to complete all projects that you are working on before your final day in the office. However, do not feel forced to accept any last minute projects; it may be a ploy to get you to stay with the company longer than you'd like.
  4. Offer to train your successor. No one can train a new employee to do your job better than you can. Therefore, it would be an honorable gesture to offer to train your successor before leaving the company. This shows your boss that you still value the company and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure its success. It's certainly a good way to quit a job gracefully, and your efforts will be duly noted when it comes time to write a recommendation letter.
  5. Maintain your cool. Once you've given your resignation, it's easy to start talking smack about the company, your boss and lazy coworkers. But, resist the urge. Remember, these people will be your references and remain your professional contacts. Don't burn a bridge just because you think you won't need it.
  6. Give 100% effort. When you want to quit a job gracefully, you maintain your professionalism at all times. This means giving your employer 100% effort until the minute you clock out for good. You're being paid for your time, be efficient in your performance and give your employer what he deserves.
  7. Be cordial in your departure. On your final day at the office, don't just leave or shout out smug remarks. Be cordial and say goodbye to all of your coworkers and wish your boss and supervisor an abundance of future success.

Regardless of what you've been told, it certainly is possible to quit a job gracefully and leave on a good note. Follow these steps down to a tee to ensure that you don't burn any bridges in the process of liberating yourself.


  • If you don't have a job lined up, offer to work as a freelancer for your company. You'll be able to control your schedule, work remotely and say no to projects which do not peak your interest. It will likely be an attractive offer to your employer as they will not have to train a new employee, pay taxes on their salary or pay for benefits.


  • Be careful who you spill the beans to first. Be sure to tell your employer directly that you're resigning before telling coworkers. It's best to hear it directly from your mouth rather than through the grapevine.
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