How To Quit A Job Without Quitting

It is possible to quit your job without quitting your job. This may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s really not. You just need to be a little creative about how you go about doing. See below how this ironic question is easily answered. 

  1. Is it really quitting your job, if you get sick? Don't try to be sick, although it is a definite way to quit your job without quitting the job you hold. It is not worth losing your health, trying to pull a fast one on your employer. 
  2. Get transferred to another department of your job. It is like quitting your job while still staying at the company you currently work for. This is a very clever way to quit your job without quitting where you work completely. 
  3.  Have your job switch your location to another city or state. Gets a fresh start working somewhere else. You still will work for the same company; the only difference is you quit working at your current location. 
  4. Ask for a leave of absence. Most jobs will allow for a person to take an extended leave of absence, if something unfortunate happens to you outside of work. The length of that absence will probably depend on your importance to the company. If you are a big wig then you will probably get more time off than someone who is just an average employee. It is very possible to get one or two months of leave and in away this is like quitting your job, while still keeping it. 
  5.  Ask to be laid off. I know it sounds weird, but it can benefit you if you have aspirations to move on to a better job. Instead of you really quitting the job or being fired on purpose at least you have a credible excuse for why you had to leave. 


Quit Your Job


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