How To Quit A New Job

You want to know how to quit a new job. Why you would do that is crazy, especially in this economy but let's say you do. It would be best for you to quit that job for a good reason or to leave it on good terms. The best ways to quit your new job in the soundest way possible are:

  1. Try to let them know that you are leaving within a decent amount of time; preferably 2 weeks if possible. The company you work for would very much appreciate it and it will allow you to quit the job on good terms. Another way to quit a new job is by telling your current employer that you have found a new job somewhere else. This is up to you whether this is true or not, but this is a good way to leave a new job on a good basis if you use this excuse.
  2. Quit your job by just being honest with the supervisor. Let him know that the job isn't working out for you and you think that it is better that you move on. At least you are not wasting any more of your time or the businesses time. It is also good not to do anything to try to get back at your boss before you leave just do what you are suppose to do until the time comes for you to quit.


  • Bottom line is you want to leave quit your job on good terms with that employer just in case you need a good reference or you need to work for that particular company again.
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