How To Quit Skoal

When kicking the smoking habit, it is also important to ensure that you learn how to quit Skoal if you have substituted one for the other. Skoal is a brand name for chewing tobacco. Just like smoking tobacco, Skoal has its associated risks and degenerative health problems like oral cancer and heart disease. Nonetheless, quitting Skoal may seem intimidating, but with a few simple steps, the road to quitting Skoal can be a short and sweet.

  1. First, get rid of all tobacco products including your Skoal. If you are not able to see any remnants of tobacco products in your home, work, or surroundings, the cravings to chew will become less intense. Also, while you can opt to throw out your Skoal and tobacco products, avoiding situations where tobacco products will be available will also lessen the cravings as well.
  2. Speak to your doctor about tobacco quitting products.  Speaking with your doctor can improve the amount of options available. Tobacco gums, patches, and even some prescription drugs are available in order to gradually allow you to become independent from tobacco products. Moreover, your physician can also provide you will literature on how to quit Skoal altogether.
  3. Chew gum instead. The mind and body draws a connection with chewing once you have repeatedly chewed Skoal overtime. Therefore, the body will also associate the chewing action with the same satisfaction as Skoal. Instead of reaching for Skoal, chew gum instead. This will give your mind a little associated satisfaction, thus allowing cravings to be greatly reduced, easing the how quit Skoal journey.
  4. Reward yourself when progress is shown. Reward your self with a shopping venture or even to dinner or lunch when you show progress. Progress can be infrequent amount of cravings that you may incur or a lessened amount of chewing. With simple rewards like these learning to quit can be an easy feat with rewards to boot.
  5. Don’t let stress or other triggers interfere. Many turn to tobacco when stress triggers a need to recompense for something that may have added stress to their day. It is important to not give into these stress triggers and instead turn to more health conscious activities. Additionally, do not use stress as an excuse for turning to Skoal. Simply opt for something more beneficial like exercise or yoga to calm your nerves.

While learning how to quit can be a daunting task, it is important to remember that learning how to quit Skoal is part of a process. You should never undergo extreme measures to overcome this habit with experimental drugs or tactics that promise fast results. Learning how to quit Skoal is something that takes hard work, and can be accomplished by implementing these tactics.

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