How To Quit Twitter

You couldn’t ignore all the hype, so you signed up for Twitter; but you need to know how to quit Twitter since it’s become just another social media platform you have to remember to check. Removing your profile from Twitter deactivates your account permanently. Keep in mind, you do not need to quit Twitter to get a new username. You can change your username in the Settings interface.

To quit Twitter, you will need:

  • A Twitter account
  • Access to the internet
  1. Visit In the upper right corner, click “Sign In.” Enter your username or email address and password. Click “Sign in” to log into your account.
  2. Change your email address associated with this account if you intend on signing up again using it. Click “Settings” from the top navigation menu. This will direct you to the account management tool, where all of your Twitter options can be maintained.
  3. Replace the email address field with another valid email account you have. Scroll down and click “Save.”  Twitter will prompt you to enter your password to save your changes. It can take Twitter up to 30 days to fully clear your account from the database, so if you plan to use that email account to sign up again soon, be sure you replace it with a different email account.
  4. Click “Deactivate My Account” at the bottom of the settings page. Twitter will prompt you to make sure you really want to deactivate. Select the “Okay, fine, delete my account” button to delete your account.
  5. Try to sign into your account again by clicking “Home.”  Your email address and password should no longer give you access to Twitter.
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