How To Raise A Cat

If you are thinking about getting a new feline friend, you will need to learn how to raise a cat. Cats are much simpler to have as pets than dogs, as they are fairly independent and do not need as much attention. However, you will need to raise a cat with lots of love, and you will have to devote time to prepare your home for your new cat and make sure that she has everything that she needs to be happy.

What you will need to raise a cat:

  • A warm bed for kitty
  • Healthy food
  • Plenty of readily available water
  • A clean litter box
  • Toys
  • A scratching post
  • Affection and care


  1. Before you get a cat, you will need to prepare your home so that it is a proper setting to raise a cat in. Since cats like their privacy, you should designate a few areas for her to hide and get some rest. Also, get a litter box for her (you may want to put it in an area where people don't often go) as well as litter and a scooper, cat dishes, cat food, and toys. You may also want to get a scratching post if you want to train your cat to not destroy your furniture; cats periodically sharpen their claws and will do so on furniture if you give them no other options.
  2. Once you get your cat home, let her explore around a bit first. Cats, as commonly observed, are very curious creatures, so they shouldn't be stifled in their curiosity. Let her get comfortable before you begin teaching her the rules of your home.
  3. If you want to raise a cat to live indoors, you will need to train her to use the litter box. You can raise a cat to use the litter box fairly easily, and it is likely that if you get an older cat she will already be trained. Just make sure that you clean the box regularly and that your cat knows where it is.
  4. If you get a scratching post but your cat still claws your furniture, you can train her to stop. If you catch your cat scratching your furniture, move her to her proper scratching post so that she knows where she is supposed to sharpen her claws. Continue to do this, and if your cat continues to scratch furniture you can discipline her with a few sprays of water from a spray bottle, since most cats hate getting wet.
  5. To raise a cat to be happy, spend plenty of time with her. Stimulate her energetic side with fun cat toys, and make her happy by petting and scratching her fur often. You can purchase a special cat brush for a special treat. And if your cat really likes food, you can always buy cat treats to give her when she behaves well, or just for fun. But sometimes cats just want a nice warm lap to sleep on.
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