How To Raise A Jewish Dog

Most articles you'll read about Judaism don't explain how to raise a Jewish dog, for a simple reason, only humans can be Jewish. Still, Judaism has something to say about many areas of life, including raising pets. As a result, you may consider raising a dog according to Jewish teachings as raising a Jewish dog.

  1. Feed your dog before you eat your own meal. This aspect of raising a Jewish dog is mentioned in the Talmud. Judaism teaches that you should first take care of the animals you are responsible for and then feed yourself after you've tended to your pets. This is an important principle to keep in mind when you raise a Jewish dog. Don't start munching on your dinner until you've given your dog its food!
  2. Dress up your dog in a costume for Purim. Humans wear costumes to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim, which comes at the end of winter. Why shouldn't a Jewish dog get in on the fun? Make a costume for your dog that relates to the story of Purim. You'll find this story in the Book of Esther. If you'd like more ideas, disguise your dog as one of the foods Jews traditionally eat on Purim, such as hamentaschen.
  3. Appreciate your dog from a Jewish point of view. According to Jewish belief, dogs displayed exceptional virtue when the Jews left Egypt in biblical times. Because of this, they are considered special animals that enjoy divine protection. As you raise a Jewish dog, think about the spiritual side of raising a dog in the Jewish faith. Give it all the love and attention she needs.
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