How To Rank Up In Gears Of War 2 Fast

Looks like you’re in need of some advice on how to rank up in Gears of War 2 fast?  Look no further. To truly understand why you are not ranking up in Gears of War 2, you must first understand the way that the game ranks its players. Gears of War 2 uses a ranking system called TrueSkill that actually calculates your rank based on lots and lots of complex factors. You can actually move up in the ranks quickly, however, if you understand and just follow a few guidelines.

  1. In simplest terms, you must win against higher ranked players to rank up in Gears of War 2 fast. In the TrueSkill ranking system, it helps your rank to win, but it helps your rank more significantly if you win a game against players of higher skill. If you are matched up against someone that is of Rank 1 and you are Rank 3, the TrueSkill ranking system automatically assumes that you have the better odds of winning since you are of the higher rank. If you end up winning the match against the Rank 1 player, you might rank up but it won’t be much of an accomplishment since you defeated someone that was a lower rank. However, if you were to be matched with a player of, say Rank 6, and you were to beat him/her, you would notice a more significant climb in your ranking. This is because Rank 6 is automatically assumed to win against a Rank 3.
  2. You must win consecutively to pick up momentum in ranking. Just because you’ve won a few games and haven’t seen an increase in your rank doesn’t mean that “the ranking system is messed up.” Winning just a few games is not enough to deem you as worthy of moving up in the ranks. You must continually dominate matches so that the ranking system will recognize that you are ready to rank up. If you keep continually winning as well, you will notice that your rank will begin to rank up in Gears of War 2 fast. In a nutshell, the more games you win one after the other, the more force you will carry in ranking up.
  3. Try to play in full rooms. This will help you rank up quickly. When you win a game in a full room, the ranking system judges your performance against every single player in the room as opposed to just one person if you were playing 1v1. These kinds of wins will make more of an impression on the ranking system.
  4. Play as much as possible. Playing Gears of War 2 as much as possible will help ensure that you gain rank quickly. In order to rank up quickly in any game, it must be played for a long amount of time before any prestigious rank is seen.



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