How To Rap Like Jay Z

If you want to know how to rap like Jay-Z, you're going to need confidence, determination and swagger. Simply trying to string random words together and appear cool is not going to cut it. To spit fire ceaselessly while making it all appear effortless is an art and it's certainly not going to happen overnight—unless you're Jay-Z.

  1. Rhyme everyday. Not next week, tomorrow or some abstract time and place off in the future. Right now. Grab a pen and paper or just throw some beats on the stereo and let it out.
  2. Don't hesitate. Don't fumble around with what to say and how to say it. Doubting yourself is the quickest route to failure. Just let the beat surround you and learn to pick words to match it.
  3. Develop unbreakable self-confidence. If every rapper, writer or artist let others determine their fates, they certainly wouldn't be where they are now. That's what separates the fan from the performer. One of the two had the courage to reach out and grab their dreams. The other did not.
  4. Put down the pen. Once you've improved your rap skills, you'll have to say goodbye to your pen and paper if you truly want to rap like Jay-Z. Yes, Jay-Z is renowned for his lyrical ability and the ironic thing about is he doesn't even write lyrics. He simply let's the flow happen. Don't get in the way of your own prowess, which happens when you overthink the process. If you follow these steps, you're on your way to rapping like Jay-Z himself. However, it's important to find your own style as well.
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