How To Rappel Down A Wall

Do you want to learn how to rappel down a wall? Descending from a high point without a rope can be dangerous and difficult, but when there´s a rope available, and a few other pieces of equipment, it turns out to be fun.

What you need to rappel down a wall is:

  • A solid anchor at the top of the wall.
  • A rappel ring attached to the anchor.
  • A rope, long enough to reach the bottom of the wall.
  • A harness.
  • A rappel device.
  • A carabiner.
  1. Make the rope go through the rappel ring at the anchor, and place the half point at the anchor.
  2. Let both halves of the rope fall down the wall. Check that both ends reach the bottom.
  3. With your harness on, clip the belay device to it and then make both ropes go through the device and the carabiner attached to your harness.
  4. Grab both downwards ropes with your strong hand, and both ropes closer to the anchor with your weak hand.
  5. Check the stability of the anchor by sitting on the harness.
  6. If everything seems fine, walk backwards towards the cliff, and step with both feet on the vertical face of the wall while releasing rope from bottom to top.
  7. Keep in mind that the wider the angle formed by the rope as it goes through the belay device, the faster you will go down. So, to stop, you just have to keep the downward rope close to your back.
  8. Once you reach the bottom, release rope as to stand comfortably.

There´s always the chance to rappel down a wall without any other equipment than a rope, but it´s safer to do it with the fore mentioned gear.

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