How To Re-Roof Portion Of Roof

You will want learn how to re-roof a portion of a roof if you suffered wind damage or some other situation that calls for just a portion of shingle removal. In today's economy, re-roofing a portion of your roof your self will definitely save you quite a bit of money. But knowing you did yourself is a greater reward. Safety is an important issue when you undertake any type of do-it-yourself project. The roof offers a few other hazards you will want to consider. Falling is something you do not want to experience, especially from a roof or ladder. Take great care of preventing falls by harnessing yourself to the roof and use proper ladder techniques. Never let your guard down when it comes to safety.

What you will need, to re-roof a portion of roof:

  • Replacement roofing felt paper (if needed)
  • Replacement roof shingles
  • Roofing nails
  • Claw hammer
  • Roofing hammer (not detrimental to doing a great job)
  • Small or medium pry bar
  • Wide blade scraper
  • Utility knife
  1. Inspect the area you are going to be replacing the shingles in. If there are some or all in an area that need to be removed use the wide blade scraper to loosen the tabs from atop the shingle below it. Pull up the shingles by hand or use the hammer and pry bar to pull free. Be very careful not to damage the surrounding shingles that will not be replaced.
  2. If the roofing felt is damaged in the area you are replacing, simply pull up the felt. Keep in mind felt, like shingles, are installed from the bottom up and overlap to form a great water-proof barrier. To install the felt, un-roll, cut to size, and slide under and around the shingles. Overlap as much as possible on the sides, top and bottom. Gently lift edges of shingles to slide the felt under. The wide blade scraper could be a handy tool to help with this. Nail the felt down using as few nails as possible per row.
  3. Start replacing the shingles to re-roof the portion of roof you are working on. In a total reversal of how you re-roof the whole house, you will want to slide the shingles up and under the upper most area being replaced first. Don't get too carried away and get into a hurry to get this done. Once the shingles are slid into place and close to the final position, begin to nail the shingles down. You can slide the upper shingles up and clear the nailing area of the lower shingle until you get to the original shingles that are staying. Once you get the lower areas complete the final row will be a bear to finish.
  4. Once you are to the last, upper row, of shingles that needs to be nailed down. Easily and carefully lift the tabs of the upper shingles and nail down the final row. Again, take great care not to damage the existing shingles, less you will be replacing theses as well. If you could not get exact replacement shingles, you may be required to trim down some with the utility knife. Knife safety should be considered and take your time to cut as straight as possible.
  5. Safely clean up your mess and ensure all tools and materials are removed from the roof. Properly dispose of all the garbage and please make sure all nails removed are accounted for. From the ground the patch will look a little rough, but in time the heat from the sun will settle the new shingles down and will look great.
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