How to Read Basketball Stats

Learning how to read basketball stats will enable you to see the scores and statistics of the teams and players in a particular basketball game.  You can see individual and team stats, ranging from points, to rebounds, to turnovers.  It is not difficult to follow your favorite basketball teams and big games by reading the stats.

  1. Basketball scoring stats are formatted by makes out of attempts.  The first number is normally how many the player or team made, and then the second number is how many total attempts.  Thus, if someone was 5-6 from the free throw line, he or she made five shots out of six.  Three- pointers, free throws, and field goals (two-pointers and three-pointers, unless otherwise specified) can all be seen in the box score.
  2. All types of rebounds can be seen.  Normally total rebounds are listed first, followed by the players and teams offensive and defensive rebounds.
  3. Other important basketball stats are included.  These are non-shooting and non-rebounding stats, such as steals, blocks, and assists. Steals and blocks are considered to be defensive basketball stats; an assist is when a player makes a pass that leads to a basket.
  4. Additionally, you can see more advanced statistics that exist in a game.  In a box score, personal fouls and team fouls can be seen.  Minutes and advanced stats like points in the paint and fast break points (normally at the professional level) can be seen, depending on the level of play.
  5. Averages are given as well.  Breaking away from box scores, player and a team stats may be given in averages, where the stat is the averaged amount for the number of games in a year (or a player's career, for instance).

That's it! You've now got all the information you need to correctly read the box score of a basketball game.

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