How To Read Body Language Flirting

Need to learn how to read body language and flirting? This is not rocket science. All it takes is attentiveness, a sexy vibe and the readiness to touch and play. Reading body language is something you do without thinking. You step back from an aggressive guy waiting in line at the bank, or you put a hand out if you sense an elderly woman tilting too close to the floor. Reading body language when flirting is no different. Think of it as a type of foreplay, but with clothes on. You'll catch on.

  1. Maybe she is playing with her hair and laughing. If you properly read her body language you'll know she's flirting, and in this case you know that she wants to be playing with your hair, and she's laughing at the sheer sensual pleasure of feeling it, letting it fall and imagining her fingers in your hair or, better yet, your fingers in her hair. Remark on how pretty her hair is and how nice it would be to touch it, but don't. Don't touch just yet. Properly reading body language and signs of flirting does not mean once you pick up a signal you make a move right away. Be patient. Let her get even hungrier at the idea.
  2. Perhaps her blouse slips off her shoulder, revealing more of her skin. You see revealed a lacy bra and possibly a breast. She excuses herself and slips it back on. This is a signal. She's using body language to flirt with you. Why? The girl is teasing you, and you know it. It's hot and sexy, it's an impromptu strip show, and you are both pretending. Reading body language when flirting is all about paying attention to sexy vibes. If it happens more than once, offer gently to help and slip it back on yourself, smiling at her as you take your fingers away from her skin, leaving her longing for you to touch her again.
  3. She may cross and uncross her legs more than once, and move closer. That's a good sign. She's flirting with you through her body language. You know how? Sexual heat is causing her to stir up or slow down the energy rising in her thighs. It's all she can do to contain the sexual tension. Move forward and let your hand just brush her dress, but do not let it linger there until she comes closer. She's feeling you, so she will, and when she does your hand can go on her knee and slide slowly up. From there you are not just reading body language and flirting, you are embracing her body using a different, and hotter, language altogether.
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