How To Read A Credit Report Equifax

The first time you try to learn how to read a credit report Equifax you may feel like ripping it up and throwing it in the trash. Don't do that. Take a deep breath. Once you know the basics, actually practicing how to read a credit report Equifax is not that difficult.

  1. Make a copy of your Equifax credit report or print a second one. This will prove especially helpful if you discover your credit report from Equifax has errors.
  2. Reviewing each section carefully is key to successfully executing how to read a credit report Equifax. Each section has a specific purpose. Your Equifax credit report will have a part for your identifying information, a portion for installment loan accounts, a section for any public records such as bankruptcy, and a column of creditors who have reviewed your credit within the past two years. If you didn't pay bills on time, your credit report from Equifax will also have a collections section.
  3. Using a pen or marker, check off the information you are certain is correct.
  4. Highlight or circle any inaccuracies you might notice while practicing how to read a credit report Equifax. This is crucial so you can start the credit report dispute process. If you realize that parts of your Equifax credit report are inaccurate, you'll want to contact Equifax or the creditor directly. You can learn more about this in the leaflet enclosed with your Equifax report or by visiting the Federal Trade Commission website about credit reporting errors.



Federal Trade Commission: How to Dispute Credit Report Errors



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