How To Read Defenses As A Wide Receiver

If you are able to learn how to read defenses as a wide receiver, you will become a big headache for the opposing team. Being able to read the defense will help you free yourself from your defender, which can put you in a position to make a big catch. You must study your opponent in order to read defenses as a wide receiver, so the more you prepare the better your chances of success.

  1. If you are able, get some game videos of the opposing team. Having video of your opponent makes it much easier to read defenses as a wide receiver. Watch the video of the cornerback, safety or other defender that guards the wide receiver spot you play. See if you can pickup on some tendencies, such as which way the defender turns at the line of scrimmage when they run downfield.
  2. As you are playing a game, pay attention to your defender during each play. Even if you are a decoy during the play, you should still read defenses as a wide receiver, so you can try to find a weakness. Experiment with different moves at the line of scrimmage, to try and get past the defender into the open.
  3. Watch the safeties when you read defenses as a wide receiver. When you get past the man covering you, many times one of the safeties will then come over to help their teammate. Be sure to keep an eye out for the safeties when you go up for a catch, since they will be looking to either separate you from the ball, or they will try and step in front of you to intercept it.
  4. Let your quarterback and coach know what you see when you read defenses as a wide receiver. For example, if you notice the cornerback drops off of you when a particular formation is used on offense, let the quarterback or coach know that you may be able to get open. Once you see the defender back off the next time, you can make your move and try to create a big play.
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