How To Read Female Body Language

Do you know how to read female body language? If you want to be ahead of the game, learn what she means when she moves closer or slides her tongue across her lips. Knowing the signs that she interested in you, as well as what she does when she isn't, is crucial in the dating game.

  1. Leans towards you. When a woman leans towards you during conversation it means she's interested in what you have to say. If you're sitting across a table from each other and she leans forward in her chair, you've engaged her. When reading female body language you have to look carefully, however. The closer she comes to you, the more her interest is piqued. Don't scare her off by taking a little bit too far, too fast.
  2. Licks her lips. Unless you've been eating greasy food, you can take lip licking as a positive sign she is interested in you. When she uses her tongue to moisten her lips, you can take this female body language to the bank. Chewing the lips is also a female body language sign that she's considering you to be yummy. Unless you blow what comes after, the girl finds you mighty tasty.
  3. Moves away from you. A negative sign of female body language is when a woman moves away from you. Whether she steps back or leans away, her body language is saying that you are invading her personal space. She doesn't want to be close to you, and she's not feeling the love.
  4. Shakes her head "no" as she speaks. A great way to read female body language is to watch facial expressions. If a girl makes a positive statement while shaking her head "no," don't believe her. The same goes with the opposite. If she's saying "no" with her words but nodding her head in a "yes" gesture, you're spot on that she is ready, willing and able.
  5. Dilated pupils. When you are reading female body language, dilated pupils are a good sign. When you feel attracted to someone, your pupils dilate. This is a sexual response innate in all humans. Dilated pupils indicate strong sexual desire and often, love. If you've just met, she's digging you. There's a good chance you can take her body language straight to the bedroom.
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