How To Read A Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN

Owner's of Kawasaki Motorcycles frequently wonder how to read a Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN. Reading the Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN depends heavily on the year as each yeah, make and model has a different style of VIN number, each revealing information about the Kawasaki Motorcycle. Reading the Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN can reveal information such as the engine type, where the Kawasaki Motorcycle was built and other vital information. The easiest method to read and decode a Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN is to get the information directly from Kawasaki.

  1. Locate the VIN. Locate the Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN. Typically the Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN can be found on the side of the steering head. The Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN will also appear on the Safety Certification Label. The Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN will begin with JKA/JKB/JK1/JSA/LM4. The Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN number should be seventeen digits long.
  2. Decode the VIN number. Reading the Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN without using the Kawasaki website will difficult because of the vast amount of information. It is best to goto the Kawasaki Website. Enter the VIN number and press "Continue".
  3. Read the information. Read the information that is returned from the Kawasaki Website. Depending on the year of the Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN there may be a great wealth of information or for older models just basic information.

Additional Tips:

  • You can also call Kawasaki with the Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN to request information.
  • There are several other third-party websites that can provide information on Kawasaki Motorcycle VIN numbers including MotoVerse.
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