How To Read Scoring In Tennis

It is quite easy to learn how to read scoring in tennis, once you are accustomed to its format. Regardless of whether you are looking at a current game of tennis, or one that has finished, you can read tennis scoring with ease. Read the following tips to learn how to read scoring and keep up on the action in tennis.

  1. Recognize the basic features of tennis scoring. There are four points to win a game in tennis. After that, one player needs to win six games to win a set. Finally, two or three sets are needed to win a match in tennis.
  2. Points are recorded as specific numerals. Points are earned in the following progression: fifteen, 30, 40 (win). If both players reach 40, a "deuce" is given. When one player progresses past the deuce, an advantage is awarded. Once one player scores one point past the advantage, he wins the game in the case of a deuce. If no deuce is reached, the normal scoring progression is followed.
  3. Games in sets are displayed in a column on television. If you are watching a game on television, you may see a six followed by a four, for instance, from top to bottom. This signifies that the top player has won the first set. Following sets may be read in the same way. A seven to six win means that there was a tie-break for a particular set.
  4. Games in print are read in similar fashion. If you catch a game in the newspaper, you may read (this match is made up for instructional purposes): R. Federer def A. Agassi 7-6 (7-3), 2-6, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2. This is read similar to the television, but in a respective format in print, with Federer appearing as the first number in each set, and Agassi as the latter in each set.  We see that Federer won the match three sets to two, with a tie-breaker on the first set.
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