How To Read Tea Leaves

If you learn how to read tea leaves, you learn how to read yourself and others.  It’s not only fun; it is a creative way to understand and listen to your body and mind.  It's also an insightful way to tap into your subconscious.  Before getting started, have your tea, teacup, saucer and/or napkin.  Here are a few rudimentary steps to get you started on your path to enlightenment. 

  1. Make your tea.  As long as it is a “loose leaf” blend of tea, it matters not what kind you brew.  Much demand to learn how to read tea leaves has fostered the availability of more tea forms, specialty offerings and flavors than ever before.  You may even want to change it up!  Read tea leaves by choosing black, green, white, oolong or other herbal blends.  Various flavors include peppermint, jasmine, chamomile…and many more.  In addition, try a soothing decaffeinated or organic type to read tea leaves for an even better success.
  2. Choose your teacup.  While variance on the types of tea leaves are endless, the color of your teacup must be specific.  A solid, white-colored teacup works best, but make sure it is at least light in color if you don’t have a white one.   You must be able to see the dark grains if you want to learn how to read tea leaves.
  3. Brew, steep and relax your mind.  Cook the tea.  Black and green teas typically take no more than a couple of minutes to steep; herbal teas generally take a little longer.  It is a personal preference; but take this time to quiet yourself and attempt to empty your mind of anything negative.  You are about to get mentally creative in order to recognize pattern and symbols, so pick a time when you will be alone (if doing a personal tea leaf reading) and turn off any music that may detract from learning how to read tea leaves. 
  4. Sip your tea and begin to focus.  Once it is cool enough to drink, begin to sip.  Try to avoid any floating leaves.  It is important that you hold the cup in your writing hand.  If ambidextrous, trade hands off when reaching for the cup.  If there is a nagging thought that keeps interfering with your focus, then it should be the subject of your tea leaf reading.  If nothing of any substance comes to mind, make your first time a general session.
  5. Stop and swirl.  Leave a tiny amount of tea in the bottom.  Stop sipping before all the tea is consumed, leaving only a little near the bottom of the cup.  Gently swirl your teacup in a circular motion until all the tea leaves are dispersed around the inside walls and bottom of the cup. 
  6. Dump the liquid and breathe.  Get rid of the remaining tea by turning over your cup into the napkin or saucer.  While the teacup is still upside down, inhale and exhale at least five times.  This will once again serve to clear your mind, enabling you to understand how to read tea leaves and precisely interpret them.
  7. Recognize and realize.  There are approximately 1,000,000 words in the English language.  It is next to impossible to try to interpret what your particular symbols mean at this point.  However, you can go online or obtain tea leaf reading books and magazines that will help you to pattern what your unique symbols mean to you.  Have fun tapping into your psychic abilities, then test it out on your friends!



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