How To Reboot A Computer Hard Drive

The most useful tool in your computer troubleshooting arsenal is how to reboot a computer hard drive. Having problems with your computer? Reboot. Running slow? Reboot. Computer keeps rebooting spontaneously? Reboot-well, actually, that’s another article. The easiest way to reboot is to simply click the "Start" button (that's right, to turn your computer off in Windows XP you have to click "Start") and click on "Restart" on the bottom right hand side of the menu. But what if you need a hard reset? Here is how to reboot a computer hard drive.

  1. Hard rebooting is easy. Push the physical "Power" button until the computer shuts down. Wait for at least 45 – 60 seconds and restart the computer by pushing the "Power" button again. You should be seeing the "Bios" screen followed by the "Windows" emblem.
  2. No Response? Unplug the computer. Before plugging back in, make sure the switch on the back of the power supply is off.
  3. Check your hard drive for errors. All this starting and stopping is doing your hard drive no favors. The sudden loss of power may have damaged your file structure. To check for errors, simply click on "My Computer" over your desk top, right click "drive C", go to "Properties" then click on tools on the upper side of the box. You should see an error checking section, then click “Check Now”. However, you have to be an administrator to be able to do this process. Now, check all necessary boxes, which will be provided in a new option box, then click “Start Now”. A dialog box will appear, just simply click “Schedule disk check”. Then restart your computer by following the process above (1st step).

Now you can finally reboot your computer on your own without the help of the neighbors kid or some technician.

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