How To Reboot TiVo

You may need to learn how to reboot TiVo in the unlikely event that your TiVo begins to experience problems. TiVo is essentially a small computer running the Linux operating system and therefore it will need an occasional reboot. Rebooting a TiVo will give it a chance to re-initialize the operating system and clear all the temporary memory. It may be necessary to reboot the TiVo after system errors, long periods of usage or if the TiVo is experiencing slowdowns. It is a simple process to reboot TiVo and does not require any special tools.

  1. Return to the main menu. If you are not already at TiVo Central, return to TiVo Central on your TiVo.
  2. Navigate to settings. Using the TiVo remote, select "Messages & Settings."
  3. Reboot TiVo. Select "Restart or Reset System" then select "Restart the TiVo DVR." Press the "Thumbs Down" button on the remote three times. This will Reboot TiVo. The process to Reboot TiVo will take several minutes.

Additional Tips:

  • If your system is running slow or lagging, it may help to reboot TiVo.
  • If you can't reboot TiVo using the menu, disconnect the power cord from the TiVo for fifteen seconds and plug it back in.
  • It may take several minutes to Reboot TiVo. Upon rebooting the system will re-initialize everything.
  • After updates or system changes you will usually need to reboot TiVo.
  • If you are experiencing errors or glitches, it may help to reboot TiVo.
  • After connecting the wireless TiVo adapter you may need to reboot TiVo if it is not functioning.
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