How To Rebuild A Coleman Lantern

The knowledge of knowing how to rebuild a Coleman lantern is not just good camping knowledge. This sort of knowledge can become a profitable hobby and even save you in case of a natural disaster or other emergency. Coleman lanterns have been the mainstay for many campers so finding parts is not difficult. The parts needed are generally just the mantles of the lantern and can be purchased directly from

To rebuild a Coleman lantern you will need:

  • The make and model of the Coleman lantern.

  • Mantles for the make and model of the Coleman lantern.

  • Proper fluid (kerosene, butane, etc)


  1. Prepare the Coleman lantern. Before you begin taking the Coleman lantern apart for rebuilding, you will need to put a safety measure in place. This safety measure is simply to go in and make sure any pressure has been released and that all fuel has been removed from the lantern. Clean the Coleman lantern of any debris or extra fuel. You will need to unscrew the fuel cap to begin this process. Do this very slowly so that pressure is released at a normal rate.

  2. Remove the glass. Usually, there is some sort of nut and bolt holding the glass over the mantles in place. You will need to remove this, then carefully remove the glass from the lantern. Set this glass casing aside and clean thoroughly before returning it to the Coleman lantern.

  3. Remove the mantle. This step is fairly easy. You are just removing the mantle and any debris you may find around it. If you do not know what kind of replacement piece you need, now is the time to check. You can look up the mantle by serial number or by taking it into a local camping store that carries Coleman products.

  4. Replace the mantle. Once you have removed the old mantle, you will replace it with the new mantel. The mantel of the Coleman lantern will slide right into place where the old one was taken. There are no tricks to this part as it is a simple reinstallation.

  5. Replace the cover and clean up. With the new mantle in place, it's time to replace the glass cover. Place the glass cover back on the Coleman lantern in the way you found it and secure with the nut and bolt. Dust of any extra debris from the Coleman lantern. Refill the fuel area, light the match, and check your lantern. It should be working up to par now.

Many rebuilding issues of Coleman lanterns are simply located in reinstalling the mantles. If the Coleman lantern you have has any problems after the mantles have been replaced, then chances are it is something within the mechanisms themselves and you will need to get professional assistance to rebuild the lantern. However, with the steps here, you will be able to rebuild most Coleman lanterns and have it working like new in no time.


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