How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

If you've ever been betrayed, you probably have wondered how to rebuild trust in a relationship. While it's not easy, it can be done if you're willing to work at it. Trust is the foundation that relationships are built upon, so it's essential to rebuild what has been broken. Following these few tips will enable you to gradually build trust in your relationship again.

  1. Forgiveness. While it's definitely easier said that done, the most important part of rebuilding trust is forgiveness. You have to be willing to completely forgive a person in order to be able to start the process of rebuilding trust.
  2. Complete honesty. Whether you are in the wrong or not, you have to be completely honest with the other person. For instance, if you've been unfaithful your significant other may need to hear details in order to deal with the situation. If honesty is what she needs, then honesty is what you need to give. While you don't want to be explicitly graphic, you do want to act like nothing happened. If you are the one that's been hurt, there is nothing wrong with being mad and saying exactly how you feel. Getting your feelings out into the open is a very important part in getting the trust back into your relationship.
  3. Actions speak louder than words. While saying you are sorry is great, your actions are much more important in gaining back trust in your relationship. On one hand, doing sweet things for the one you've hurt is a nice way to say you're sorry. On the other hand, you do want to be a bit predictable in your actions, or worse yet, out of character. If you're at fault, make sure you show remorse and acknowledge the gravity of your actions.
  4. Communication is key. Make sure you communicate. Keeping the lines of communication open is one of the best ways to heal a wounded relationship.
  5. Forgetting. Whether you've been cheated on or just plain hurt, trying to forget about what happened and moving on is one of the hardest things to do. This may take a lot of time and is something you will undoubtedly have to work at. When trying to rebuild trust, it's important to remember not to bring up whatever caused the loss of trust. Throwing it in the other person's face during an argument only chips away at the already bruised trust in your relationship.

Make sure to take it slow and be patient. Rebuilding trust doesn't happen overnight and it takes a lot of patience on both sides of the equation. When you commit to forgive and forget, you commit to putting 100 percent of your effort into rebuilding the trust in your relationship. When you are forgiven, you must accept this gracious gift and do everything in your power to prove you are trustworthy.

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