How To Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air Cooled Engine

To stretch the life, you will need to learn how to rebuild your Volkswagen air-cooled engine. The Volkswagen engine in which the cooling system is through cold air is considered to be extremely among all the engines across the world even today. The company put an end to air-cooled type engine on December 2005. The reason was newly introduced regulations governing emissions that were implemented from 2006. Right now there are just about 30 of special edition engines present in the world today.

Things you'll need:

  • Air tools
  • Fluid for engine cleaning
  • Air compressor
  • Rods for valve cleaning
  • Hoist (long-arm)
  • Rags
  1. To rebuild your Volkswagen air-cooled engine check the engine and if it has all the parts to be attached. Take out all of these to start with. These parts will have brackets for mounting, belts and hoses.
  2. Buy a hoist for the engine as you will have to lift the engine from the car and keep it in the garage to rebuild it. Ensure that the hoist is long enough to accommodate as you rebuild your Volkswagen air-cooled engine.
  3. Attach new mounts of the car and take out the tab for the transmission shifter. This does not require you to elevate the car for this, as it can be done while the car is on the ground.
  4. Take out the transmission and engine and label them properly. You should not have any distraction while you do this to avoid confusion and mistakes. Keep in mind that the parts have to be put back also so stay organized while you rebuild your Volkswagen air-cooled engine
  5. Use the cleaner for the engine and spray it on the various parts. Use a soft cloth to clean it. Look for gouges and cracks in the metallic parts. You will have to change all the parts that have cracks. Get new parts before re-assembling the engine.
  6. Attach the rods for cleaning inside the valves connected to the engine. Check areas where friction may develop. For rebuilding of the engine you will have to change all the parts that have worn out over time.
  7. Fit in splined portion of shaft inside the rear portion of the transmission. Attach the other end properly with the differential. This will successfully complete the rebuild your Volkswagen air-cooled engine.
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