How To Recane A Chair

Need to know how to recane a chair? You can recane a chair yourself when the caning becomes broken or damaged. The use of pre-woven cane sheets is an easy and popular way to replace broken cane. Use pre-woven cane to easily and quickly repair cane chair seats and cane chair backs. Recaning a chair takes time and a little patience, but can be accomplished by a do-it-yourself type of person.

To recane a chair, you will need:

  • A thin chisel
  • Pliers
  • Wooden wedges
  • A craft knife
  • Furniture glue
  1. Remove old cane from the chair. Use a thin chisel or flat blade screwdriver to remove the caning. Pulling out old spline and caning is easier with the use of pliers.
  2. Scrape off old glue and the remaining pieces of cane from the chair base. Use care not to scratch and gouge the wooden chair frame.
  3. Cut a piece of pre-woven cane two inches larger than the opening on the chair. Measure the chair opening before cutting the pre-woven recaning material.
  4. Place pre-woven cane in warm water for 30 to 45 minutes. Damp cane is much easier to bend and move when recaning a chair. Dry cane is much too stiff to use without breaking.
  5. Remove the pre-woven cane from the water. Lightly shake off excess water and lay on an absorbent towel for three to five minutes before recaning.
  6. Place the pre-woven cane over the chair seat or chair back. Allow the excess cane to hang off of the edges.
  7. Insert a wooden wedge to hold the cane in the chair groove. Press the wedge in place or tap gently with the palm of your hand. Do not hammer the cane in place; this may cause damage to the chair groove.
  8. Drag the pre-woven cane tightly across the chair and insert another wedge. Repeat all around the opening of the chair being recaned.
  9. Place the spline in warm water for 20 to 25 minutes. Spline is the finishing edge around cane and a necessary step in chair recaning.
  10. Glue the spline in place on top of the pre-wove cane. Press it tightly into the groove, use a recaning wedge to press the spline in firmly.
  11. Remove wedges as the spline is glued in. Use care so as not to glue the wedges in place during the chair recaning project.
  12. Trim away extra pre-woven cane with a craft knife. Place a thick piece of cardboard between the pre-woven cane and the chair frame to avoid cutting into the wooden chair.
  13. Wait one to two days before using the newly recaned chair. This will allow the glue to fully dry and the damp recaned chair seat or back to dry.

Give a second life to broken, damaged or old cane chairs with this easy do-it-yourself project. Order recaning supplies online or buy them in craft and hobby stores. Patience is the key to a successful recaning project.

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