How To Receive Funds From Cherokee Indian Casinos

How to receive funds from Cherokee Indian casinos involve two options. The first one means practicing your gaming technique and the second one involves proving your Native American Cherokee heritage. Unless you're pretty sure you have a direct Cherokee heritage, you'd better practice up on your gaming skills.

Receiving funds from Cherokee Indian casinos involves a few items:

  • cash or credit
  • birth certificate
  • proof of family heritage including family birth certificates, residency and tax records
  • copy of the Dawes Rolls
  • gaming skills
  1. Win funds through gaming. The first step in how to receive funds from Cherokee Indian casinos is to win it at the casinos. This involves selecting a game and putting up wagers to win more funds. The disappointing fact about receiving funds in this way is that the house has the advantage for most of the games. If you win, you'll probably put it back in trying to win more. 
  2. Research to determine if you can receive funds through the Cherokee Nation. This is the easiest way to get funds from the Cherokee Indian operated casinos, but it requires proof that you can be listed on the Cherokee Indian tribal rolls. Odds are, if you qualify for the rolls that you know it. A grandparent or parent undoubtedly would have mentioned something. If you're adopted, you may not know your heritage. In this case, you'll need to become registered for the rolls. This requires research. Pull out your birth certificate, family certificates, residency and tax records for as far back as possible. You may need to go to US Census records and listings made by other federal, state and local agencies. You must establish a clear line of heritage to a family member listed on the "Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes." This document is also known as the Dawes Roll. 
  3. Make an application to the Cherokee Nation. Once you've found the link with a relative and the Dawes Roll, go to the Cherokee Nation's website and fill out an application for tribal membership.
  4. Attach your birth certificate. Attach a copy of your birth certificate and list the number of your relative from the Dawes Roll on the copy.
  5. Get any death certificates you might need. If the relative that provides your link to the Cherokee Nation, attach a copy of the death certificate of that person.
  6. Mail in application and wait for an answer. The Cherokee Nation is the sole decider on the applications and evaluation of the documents.

Warning: Registration on the tribal rolls doesn't guarantee casino funds. Your tribe needs to be one that has a contract with one of the casino companies. Even if your family members made a casino deal, annual payments vary from around $400 to just under $10,000 each year, so don't expect to retire on your casino funds. 

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