How To Receive A Pass In Basketball

In order to become a better basketball player, it is important to properly learn How To Receive A Pass In Basketball.  Being able to quickly and effectively receive a pass is important to the offensive flow of the game.  Be sure to practice these steps in order to receive the pass and follow through with what you are doing on offense.

  1. Go to the ball.  When you can, you must realize when it is right to go to the ball once it is in the air.  This is especially important for many longer passes or lobs.  Going to the ball makes receiving the pass much faster.  It will also help prevent when the ball is stolen from the defender.  This is not necessary at all times, however.
  2. Get your hands ready to receive the pass.  Your hands need to be ready to accept a pass from your teammate.  Do this by putting your hands up.  If you have time, or in a situation such as when you are open for a shot, get your hands ready before the pass is being made.  In the example, it will allow you to start your shooting motion much quicker to get off the shot.
  3. Catch the ball firmly with two hands.  Whenever possible catch the ball tightly, to ensure you receive the pass and to prevent the ball from being knocked loose. 
  4. React.  You should have an idea of what you are doing next.  Make your move or examine the defense.  In either case make sure you are protecting the ball.
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