How To Receive A Spanking

There is no right or wrong way on how to receive a spanking. Whether you are in a long term relationship or just a sexual relationship, communication is the key.  The wave of adrenaline and the excitement of giving or receiving pain that is a “good hurt” is why many look forward to giving or receiving a spanking. If you want to introduce your partner to erotic spanking, the most you can do is talk to your partner and they may surprise you by wanting to give a try.

  1. How to Begin If you are in just a sexual relationship discuss your wants and needs early on. If you are kind of nervous about mentioning your desires, start the conversation like “So what are your likes and dislikes during sex?” If you are already in a relationship bring it up as a way you would like to maybe bring back the spark, or you can just go for it and give your partner a light tap and gauge their reaction. Teasing your partner playfully throughout the day can be a good way to start. Let the decision of who removes their clothes first or how the foreplay will start.
  2. Choose a Tool Receiving a spanking using tools or devices that will enhance the pleasure of the spanking aside from just using a hand can be fun. There are special tools that can be purchase from fetish stores and there are some that can be found around your own home. Some of the tools used to perform the spanking come in many form and textures, some of the tools may include (but are not limited to 😉 : riding crop, paddle, belt, cane, and whip
  3. Choose a Position There are many positions in which to administer and receive a spanking. Once again it is up to you and your partner to discuss what is comfortable for you and able to be achieved physically. Some of the positions include: over the knee, bent over a chair, grabbing your ankles, spanking horse (can be purchased at a local sex store or online store), and hands against the wall
  4. Show Your Appreciation Let your partner know how you enjoyed receiving a spanking so that it gives them a bit more reassurance on the act so that it may be a continuing bedroom activity.  If your partner enjoyed it as well then great! Begin planning to act out more fantasies for the future.

Warnings & Tips:

Set up some ground rules for spanking, and be sure before engaging in this activity that you are with someone that will respect your wishes.  While the act of spanking can be fun, there are those out there that will take advantage, so just be careful and take the steps necessary to ensure your safety.

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