How To Recharge 1989 Mercedes Benz AC

Learning how to recharge 1989 Mercedes Benz AC can get your air conditioning running again. Since the Mercedes is from before 1995 it has R-12 Freon in the air conditioning system. Recharging the system is simple, however you need to locate any leaks that the air conditioning system might have, otherwise you are wasting your money because the refrigerant will just leak back out. To recharge your 1989 Mercedes Benz AC, follow these steps.

To recharge 1989 Mercedes Benz AC, you will need:

  • Mercedes Benz service manual
  • Recharge kit (including hose and valve)
  • R-12 Freon
  • Freon sniffer
  1. Check your service manual to see how much Freon the air conditioning system of your 1989 Mercedes Benz holds. It's important not to overfill the system or you can damage the seals and cause it not to cool properly.
  2. Open the hood of the 1989 Mercedes Benz. Ensure the valve on the recharge hose is closed. Screw the connector from the recharge hose onto a can of R-12 Freon, puncturing the top of the can with the fitting.
  3. Start the vehicle and turn the air conditioning system on and turn the fans on the highest setting. Connect the hose fitting to the low side service port on your air conditioning system. Open the valve on the recharge hose, allowing the refrigerant to drain into the air conditioning system. Wait five full minutes for the can to completely drain.
  4. Shut the valve of the recharge hose and disconnect the valve from the low side service port. Shut the engine off and inspect the different components of the air conditioning system for leaks using the Freon sniffer. If you find leaks, replace the leaking components. If you find no leaks, then continue adding Freon.
  5. Start the car again and connect another can of Freon to the recharge hose. Connect the hose to the low side service port and continue adding Freon until you fill the system to maximum capacity (based on the service manual).

Remember, R-12 Freon is expensive. You might want to consider retrofitting your R-12 system to R-134a.

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