How To Recognize An Internet Sex Addiction

Knowing how to recognize an internet sex addiction may help you or someone you know to get treatment.  An internet sex addiction is similar to sex addiction but involves the use of the internet to find partners, chat about sex, or view pornography. There are many signs that could indicate an internet sex addiction.  Anyone with these symptoms should talk to their therapist or physician.

  1. Excessive amount of time spent online. A person with an internet sex addiction may find that they are spending more and more time on their computers using the internet. Most of their activities online are about sex such as looking at pornography or engaging in cybersex.
  2. Sexual behavior escalates. Although it may have started as an occasional visit to a sex chat room, or looking at some naughty pictures a person now finds he is unable to log off and is increasingly looking for more provocative sexual experiences.
  3. Your internet sex addiction controls your life. When you start opting out of other areas of your life, your work is affected, you don’t see friends as much or your family relationships suffer then you may have a sex addiction.
  4. You feel guilty or shameful. After having a sexual experience, on or off line, you feel guilty about what happened. You may realize that you felt a compulsion to engage in the activity even though it might not be in your best interest. Feeling you can’t stop is a sign of addictive behavior.
  5. You lie. You begin to lie to your spouse, friends, or boss about what you are doing online. When you try to hide the time that you spend and the websites that you are visiting you may have a sex addiction.
  6. You move from online experiences to sexual acts. Instead of confining your sexual activity to the internet you begin to engage in sex with multiple partners, masturbate excessively, or think compulsively about sex even when going about everyday activity.
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