How To Record PS3 Gameplay

If you are wondering how to record PS3 gameplay, you have a couple options. There are several devices for sale that will allow you to play games through your computer. But the easiest option you may already have access to is to use a DVD recorder to capture your gameplay.

To record PS3 gameplay, you will need:

  • PS3
  • DVD recorder
  • Video game PC connector
  1. DVD method. To record PS3 gameplay, connect your Sony Playstation 3 through the DVD recorder. Turn your TV on, select whichever video channel you use (probably channel 3 on input 2) and turn on your PS3. The output will certainly not be high definition so you will want to set your DVD recording preferences to the highest quality possible.
  2. Video game PC connector. Another easy way to record PS3 gameplay is to hook your PS3 to your computer. There are many different products available that will help you do this such as Gamebridge or Dazzle. They will run you anywhere from twenty dollars for a cheap knockoff to around a hundred bucks. But the nice things about these devices are they come with excellent video capture software. To hook these up, attach the color coded cables to the back of your PS3 exactly like your TV setup. Now plug the USB end of this cord into your PC and turn on your PS3. Record your gaming sessions and use the video editing software to isolate the parts you want to show other people.

Tips/Warnings: You can buy a HD PVR to record in high definition quality but unless you are a sponsored gamer or a video pirate, you probably won’t be willing to shell out the cash. They start around 200 and can go up from there. Some older DVD players will not be detected by the Sony Playstation 3. Not all video game PC connectors are equal. Look at the system requirements before you purchase one.



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