How To Record Voice On Mac

Have you been trying to figure out how to record voice on a Mac? Mac computers are high quality computers that are known for handling large amounts of media including graphics and audio. GarageBand is a great audio recording program that can do unlimited amount of things, including recording voice on a Mac. Follow the steps below to know how to record voice on a Mac using GarageBand.

To record voice on Mac you need:

  • Mac
  • GarageBand 5.0.2
  1. Download and Install GarageBand. Find and download the program GarageBand 5.0.2, and then install it onto your Mac computer.
  2. Open GarageBand and create a new file. Once you open GarageBand in the initial pop-up window, click "Create New Podcast Episode." Next, you will enter a file name for your voice recording, and then choose a place on your Mac to save your file. Click, "Create" to start a new file.
  3. Select the track to record voice. The "Tracks" section is located on the left side of your file. To enable the track for the voice recording on your Mac click the icon for the "Male Voice" track, and if you ever need record a female, select the icon for the "Female Voice" track.
  4. Record your voice. To begin recording your voice on your Mac, select the track editor located in the middle of your screen. Click the "Record" button when you are ready to record. This button is the circle button with another red circle inside of it. Your Mac's internal microphone will pick up your voice once you begin speaking into it. To stop the cursor from moving forward, click the "Play" button.
  5. Listen to your voice recording. To hear your recording click and drag the play cursor back to the very beginning of your track, and then press the "Play" button. If you need to re-record voice on your Mac, click the recording to highlight the track, and to delete the recording press the "Backspace" key. To re-record your voice again, click the "Record" button. Do this as many times as you need to until you are satisfied with your recording.
  6. Share your voice recording with others. Click on "Share" at the top of the navigation menu once you are finished recording your voice on your Mac. You will now be able to use GarageBand to export and burn your recording onto a disc, to send your recording to listen iTunes, or to upload it on the Web.


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