How To Record XM Radio

XM Radio is great for browsing the web while listening to some tunes or even listening to music or talk shows in the car with an XM receiver, but it’s often wondered how to record XM radio. Some of the songs, news, talk shows, and more heard on XM radio are difficult to track down outside of XM radio, and recording the streaming audio to an MP3 is a great way to have the song or talk show for yourself. What’s needed in recording XM radio, though?

To record XM radio, you will need:

  • An XM radio subscription
  • Streaming audio recorder software
  1. Since XM radio is streaming audio, you will need to find and download/purchase a decent program that will record streaming audio.  Some of the more advanced recorders might have to be purchased, but having a great streaming audio recorder comes in handy in many situations.
  2. In the audio streaming recorder software of your choice, there is usually an option to record XM radio specifically. You’ll probably have to enter your login information for your official XM account to the program. It’s important to really check into the reputation of the software maker. Read some online reviews on the program before going and carelessly giving your login information to it.
  3. After entering your login information, you’ll usually be prompted to key in or select the channel you’d like to record. Scroll the list and find the channel, or simply type it in.
  4. Choose the file format you’d like to save your media to. You can usually save the file to a multitude of file formats, but the most common format is “MP3” so just save all of your sound files in that format just to be on the safe side. If you set it to something different, you could be looking at having to convert the file later on down the line which could result in losing quality, purchasing more software, etc.
  5. Simply press Record. You can manually stop or start the recording whenever, and the file will be saved to your specified location on your hard disk. That’s really all there is to it!
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