How To Recover iPhone Backup Password

If you’re an iPhone user, learning how to recover an iPhone backup password is essential to getting the full range of services that’s available for your all-powerful doohickey. The iPhone has been considered the “in” gadget ever since it was launched in January 2007. With its security backup capability features, iPhone users have the power to create alternate data files that can be used to restore their phones in the event something will go horribly wrong, such as an accidental deletion of messages and contacts. Due to their reputation as a top-notch tech security company, Apple also provided the backup feature with a default password protection option. But this has also become some sort of a peeve to some users when they inadvertently forget their passwords and are unable to access their backup files anymore.

To recover an iPhone backup password, you will need the following:

  • iPhone unit
  • Macbook or a Mac OS notebook
  • Internet connection
  1. Without using any supplementary software. For this method, the user needs to use a Macbook or any Mac OS notebook. This is most likely the safest and convenient way to recover an iPhone backup password. It is also essential that during the backup process, when setting the password, the user checked the option “Remember this password in my keychain.”
  2. Search for your backup file. In your Macbook, proceed to Opened Applications, then Utilities and look for the file and click Keychain Using the search tool, enter the keywords “iPhone backup.” If there were more than one occasion that you made backup data files for your phone, there would be several results for the said search query. Open the most recent entry.
  3. Reveal your iPhone backup password. Once open, scroll down to the bottom of the dialogue box and click on the “Show Password” button. The computer will then ask for its administrative password for which once entered will reveal the password used to encrypt the said iPhone backup file.
  4. Using supplementary software. The consensus software choice to crack an encrypted iPhone backup file is Elcomsoft’s iPhone Password Breaker. The latest version already requires you to spend to acquire it. However, by searching the Internet, you can download the first version of Elcomsoft’s program, which was free for all intent’s purposes.
  5. Search for the backup file. Launch the program and open the file named "manifest.plist." 
  6. Get your password. Select the options that you believe would immediately suit the needs to revealing your password. The more options you select, the more detailed the recovery method will take. The Password Breaker program utilizes brute-force to crack open your passwords. If you chose to use extremely strong passwords, it could take the program an extended period of time before it can successfully recover your iPhone backup password. That is if the password you provided during the backup process is well within the boundaries of the accepted English language.
  7. Use logic and reason when choosing a new password. Ideally, the passwords that you constantly use in your lifetime should be something that is both easy for you to remember and strong enough to throw off anyone who tries to make an “in the dark” guess for it. If you successfully follow these tips and methods, you may never have to recover an iPhone backup password for the rest of this side of the century.

As a postscript, forgetting your iPhone backup password could be understandable if in the process of making the backup file, you are still caught in the moment of getting your latest thingamajig. Users should always maintain presence of mind when creating backup files. At first, people may concede that backup files are bothersome to create. They were, of course, created for a purpose. One of which is for users to be able to make the necessary ratifications when man’s inherent imperfection of making mistakes does happen.

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