How To Recover Motorcycle Seat

Are you wondering how to recover a motorcycle seat? After time leather may fade or even get slight rips in it. Foam can get matted down or simply not be customized for the best fit while riding.

  1. Remove the seat. Instead of tearing or ripping the fabric and foam use a staple remover, if stapled or a drill to remove rivets. Remove all fabric and foam.
  2. Two types of foam will be needed to recover a motorcycle seat. The base layer should consist of a closed cell foam for support. The top layer of foam should be an open cell foam to provide comfort for hours of painless riding.
  3. Use old foam and fabric as templates. Trace the seat fabric on the underside of the new vinyl adding five inches to the entire seat area using a marker. Old foam can be used as a rough template as well. Foam can be overlapped to provide a wider seat.
  4. Shape the seat to comfort your body. You can customize your seat by cutting out firm foam and placing pieces of soft foam in the cut out area's to change the pitch of the seat. Use adhesive to hold the foam in place.
  5. Place new vinyl on top of new foam. Turn the seat over to staple or rivet the new vinyl in place. Make sure the fabric is firmly fit over the area. Staple the fabric in place (this can be unstapled and re-adjusted as needed).
  6. Cut away excess fabric. Excess fabric from corners, etc. can be cut away for a great looking seat.
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