How To Recycle Shoes

Shoes often worn out, get holes in them, or become unwearable making them great candidates for how to recycle shoes. The cause of this may be wearing it daily, bad weather, and not taking good care of it. Your first thought may be throwing them away but before you do, think of the benefits of not taking your old pair of shoes to the trash can. Use these creative ideas to recycle shoes.

  1. Use them as decoration. Although shoes are supposedly worn on the feet, turn your shoes into something out of the ordinary. Impress family and friends with your artsy idea of turning your old shoes into a cool flowerpot in your house. Another way to recycle shoes is to place a spare keys or change in them, or take part of the material and turn it into a wallet or belt or a cool designed T-shirt.
  2. Recycle at a company. Recycle your shoes at an organization that accepts worn out shoes. welcomes any old pair of sneakers, which they strip apart and reuse for indoor basketball courts, tracks, and even children playgrounds. Nike's recycling program acknowledges not only safety, but the difference one person can make by making activities eco-friendly. You can also drop off your shoes at any Nike location in the U.S or deliver them through the mail. Another place to give away shoes is They are a shoe charity that help millions of needy men, women, and children around the world who are not able to afford shoes. They accept every kind-athletic, sandals, boots, heels, and dress shoes-as long they are wearable and clean. There are optional ways to donate your shoes-go to their website to find stores in your area that accept the shoes, mail them, or go to a warehouse that is partnered with Soles4Souls in specific states.
  3. Donate at the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is a great place to drop off used items and is another way to recycle shoes so they resell again. The shoes must be in good condition for others to wear.
  4. Restyle your shoes. If you love your shoes and do not want to get rid of them, create your own style to put a new spin on recycling. Color it or place designs to make it look custom made.
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