How To Redeem Capitol One Airline Miles

If you're planning on a vacation or even just want to get anytime rewards for a charge on your credit card, you need to learn how to redeem Capital One airline miles. Although the program name is deceiving, you can trade in airmiles for any purchase on your card made within the last ninety days,.

To redeem Capital One Airline miles, you will need to: 

  1. Log into the Capital One website at Once you're at the website, on the left hand side will be a "Manage your accounts" section. Select the appropriate account and hit "Log In."
  2. Enter your username and password. Click "Log In" to be connected to your account.
  3. The "Accounts" tab should be highlighted. Click the third item from the right under the "Accounts" tab which will be "Rewards Summary."
  4. Toward the middle of the page will be a section called "Current Rewards Balance." This is the amount of reward dollars you can spend in return for air travel or anytime purchases.
  5. Click the green "Redeem Rewards" button to be redirected to the are where you can either book travel or redeem rewards for anytime purchases. If you're booking air travel, you can either go through the website to use Capital One's travel agents or you might be able to find a lesser price for airline tickets by doing your own research on the internet. If you book any airline, hotel or car rental through your Capital One, it is redeemable under the Airline Miles program.


You'll get much more for your airline dollar by using the miles on travel items such as that airline ticket, hotel or car rental for your next vacation. You can even turn in your airline miles for cash though, if you prefer.

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