How To Reduce Cholesterol With Over The Counter Pills

If you are worried that your cholesterol may be creeping up a bit higher than you like, you may wonder how to reduce cholesterol with over the counter pills. This can be done, if your cholesterol isn’t in the danger zone yet, or if you just want to lower it some to be healthy. All you need to do is follow some simple tips and use some common sense.

  1. Add more vitamin C and Vitamin E to your diet. Together Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help reduce the amount of cholesterol one has in the arteries. They can also help the arteries to relax. This allows them to open more and work better. You should take up to 400 IU of Vitamin E a day and 500 mg of Vitamin C twice a day. However, if you are all ready  taking a blood thinner medication do not take any extra Vitamin E, since this vitamin works on the same line as blood thinners. 
  2. Consider taking fish oil supplements. If you are not eating enough fish, you may want to consider adding a regime of fish oil supplements to your diet.  These can be bought at many pharmacies and all health food stores. The fish oil found in many fish products such as tuna and salmon contains Omega 3 fatty acids which can aide in lowering cholesterol levels and fighting heart disease. Fish oil supplements are good alternative for those who do not eat fish at least three times a week, routinely.
  3. Consider adding green tea supplements to your routine. If you are not drinking green tea regularly, you are missing out on many health benefits including the benefit of lowering you’re the amount of the bad cholesterol in your blood stream. However, taking a green tea supplement is another alternative to drinking the tea. These supplements can be bought at most pharmacies and all health food stores.



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