How To Reduce Redness After Picking A Cold Sore Scab

Need to know how to reduce redness after picking a cold sore scab? When a cold sore appears one has to deal with the unsightly cold sore, pain and discomfort alone with the redness and irritation that can occur. If you happen to pick a cold sore you can reduce redness by following these simple tips and guidelines.

To reduce redness after picking a cold sore scab, you will need:

  • Cool Wet Towel
  • Ice
  • Lemon Juice
  • Soap and Water
  • Cotton Ball
  1. Wash hands with soap and water prior to touching the area with your cold sore. Try to eliminate touching the cold sore all together without the use of a cotton ball. This will help prevent the spread of infection to uninfected area.
  2. Applying a cool wet towel to the area. This will help reduce redness while making the area soft and pliable for the next step.
  3. Using ice will help numb the area and reduce redness much like the way the cool towel does. Icing the area not only reduces redness in a cold sore after picking a cold sore scab but it also helps with inflammation and reduces the size of a cold sore.
  4. Applying lemon juice to the cold sore. After applying the ice to help numb the area apply some lemon juice to a cotton ball and place the cotton ball on the cold sore. Lemon juice helps kill any bacteria that may be inside the cold sore. It is said lemon juice also acts as a lightening agent who may essentially aid in reducing redness after picking a cold sore scab.


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