How To Reduce Swelling On A Busted Lip

Whether you’re roped into a bar fight, trip on the stairs, or get hit by a wayward Frisbee, knowing how to reduce swelling on a busted lip is a great skill to have. While they aren’t a serious health risk, they are unsightly, painful and often difficult to heal. Here are some tips to speed up your recovery:

  1. Ice As soon as you can get your hands on something from the freezer, ice the busted lip. Don’t be picky, a bag of peas, a Corona from the cooler, or a standard ice pack will all help keep the swelling down and the sooner you get it on there, the better. Continue to ice it several times a day until the swelling is gone.
  2. Ibuprofen Not only will it help with the pain, Ibuprofen also reduces swelling and inflammation.
  3. Moisturize You will probably notice that your injured lip gets dry fast both because your body uses more water than usual to help it heal and because icing the swelling dries out the injured area. With dryness comes cracking, so apply salve of lip balm to the lip and the area around the injury to keep it moist.
  4. Cuts Most of the accidents that cause a busted lip will also cause cuts or lacerations. Make sure you sterilize the cuts and apply an antiseptic cream to help them stay that way. Keeping cuts moist is also important so that daily chewing, coughing and talking won’t get in the way of the healing.
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