How To Reduce Wisconsin Property Tax Penalties

Do you want to learn how to reduce Wisconsin property tax penalties? You can reduce your property tax penalties in Wisconsin by dealing with your state revenue department.  There are ways to negotiate or reduce property tax penalties in Wisconsin by filing specific forms as necessary.  The best way is to petition for a compromise on property taxes.  The property tax amounts can be reduced if you can prove the inability to pay, due to economic hardship.  The state revenue service does have the ability to review your financial situation in three years and if your financial situation has drastically improved, you may once again be liable for the amount before it was negotiated.  Property tax penalties in Wisconsin may luckily be reduced or eliminated due to this special petition.

  1. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website to locate the petition.  The petition is located in the delinquent tax section on the first page of the website. 
  2. Look over the frequently asked questions page to determine whether you will qualify.  Certain factors like divorce, loss of a contributing family member, excessive medical bills, death, loss of job, may qualify you for a property tax reduction. 
  3. This service may even completely eliminate your tax debt or stop foreclosure if the state is looking into taking your home due to non-payment.
  4. Locate the offer to compromise checklist and go through it. 
  5. You will need to fill out the application and review your assets and debts.  Make sure you have all of the documentation you may need. You will also need to prove that you cannot sell or borrow against your assets.  
  6. Locate copies of your pay stubs and bank records for the last three months.  You will also need mortgage payments, medical bills, and all other living expenses. 
  7. In order to qualify, you will need to demonstrate a huge financial hardship that has prevented you from paying. If you do not qualify now, you may reapply if your situation changes.
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